Full-stack development of SchoolWebsites.net.au

SchoolWebsites.net.au front page

Little Systems owns and administers the SchoolWebsites.net.au WordPress multisites service, released to schools in early 2017.

The service runs on Little Systems WordPress server.

Little Systems developed the SchoolWebsites.net.au WordPress theme (CSS).   The theme is a TwentySixteen child theme, constructed from a professional Photoshop design by Digital Developments.

Implementing Little Systems code
SchoolWebsites.net.au automated sign up

The SchoolWebsites.net.au service implements Little Systems code, including Application server-side administration scripts, and proprietary WordPress plugins (LS WP MU and LS WP Awstats).

The service is currently used by Toolangi Primary School, with a basic theme developed by Little Systems.

The vision, technology and website design strategy

The vision for SchoolWebsites.net.au is to enable school technicians to:

  • Create and centrally administer multiple WordPress websites for multiple schools,
  • Assign and manage WordPress roles for internal school users,
  • Delegate website design and general consulting to third-parties,
  • Contribute to the shared public Wiki, and
  • Contribute to the development of WordPress plugins for the whole network, through the School Websites module and theme development environment.

To support the vision, Little Systems has integrated a range of technology.

Website Design

The SchoolWebsites.net.au website design strategy is to use WordPress core themes (such as TwentySeventeen and TwentySixteen), and to apply increasing customisation through the WordPress user-interface.

CSS is to then be used when the user-interface options are insufficient.

Last, professional customisation is supported with the module and theme development environment.


Little Systems has supported websites for education in Victoria since 1999.

Little Systems developed Page Builder Express from 1999 to 2001: a complete commercial PHP content management system, used by 10+ schools and a university department.

See the Page Builder Express features, history, screenshots and example sites.

In 2015, Little Systems developed and released an Open Source working-prototype Builder Express user interface plugin for WordPress, based on the design of the Page Builder Express interface.

Google Calendar (API) integration with WordPress multisites: the Organisation theme

Little Systems developed the WordPress Organisation theme (CSS).  The theme is a TwentySixteen child theme, constructed from a professional Photoshop design by Digital Developments.

The theme runs on Little Systems WordPress server.

Implementing Little Systems code

The Organisation theme implements Little Systems code, including Interface Server and Application administration scripts, and proprietary WordPress plugins (LS WP MU, LS WP Awstats, LS WP Contact, LS WP Featured Post, LS WP Slideshow, LS WP Google Calendar and LS WP Interface).

The system is integrated with the Google Calendar API, and has a local cache, and handles OAuth2 handshake and push notifications.

Upcoming Events details from Google Calendar
Next Meeting details from Google Calendar

The website is updated through the Google Calendar website or mobile phone app.

Changes to calendar events appear immediately on the website.

Example site, https://organisation.instantidentity.littlesystems.com.au.

Systems integration of MYOB accounting with Request Tracker ticketing system for a medium-sized manufacturing firm

Little Systems constructed the MYOB ODBC Bridge to Linux, to interface data from Windows to Linux for a medium-sized manufacturing firm.

The system comprised a server on Windows (with IIS, PHP, ODBC and XML), and a client on Linux (with Perl).  Little Systems then integrated the Windows data with the Linux web application, with Perl (Mason), SQL, HTML and JavaScript code.

See the MYOB ODBC Bridge to Linux page for sample code, screenshots, and download.

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