Page Builder Express, Proprietary CMS

Little Systems developed Page Builder Express (PBE), a full commercial Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP (LAMP) Content Management System (CMS), between 1999 and 2001.

See below for features, history, screenshots and example sites.


  • Streamlined user-interface, including the “one-click edit” feature from the public page to the editing dashboard for Blocks, Objects and Wizards.
  • Integrated documentation and Quick-Start guide.
  • Password protected sites, with email-based password management.
  • “Wizards” for end-users regular tasks.
  • Auto-generated pages, including colour-coded site/last updated map, disclaimer page and privacy policy.
  • The Webalizer visitor statistics support.
  • Apache Dynamically Configured Mass Virtual Hosting support.
  • Administration backend, with template editor.
  • MySQL and Oracle support.


In 2001, Little Systems licensed PBE to Geelong Science and Technology (GSAT) for Victorian educational institutions.  In this arrangement, PBE was used for several years by Australian primary schools, high schools and a university department through to 2005, and on.

(The PBE system was only retired in 2017.  See also Credit.  See also Little Systems Services, including, and Little Systems Code, including the Open Source Builder Express user-interface plugin for WordPress.)



Example Sites (and Example Pages)

Primary School






Secondary School